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Terms and Conditions

Site Ownership and Terms of Use

This Site Ownership and Terms of Use Agreement relates to all services and products planned on the website: www.aajwebsolutions.com, in addition to all relative sites links and partners websites with www.aajwebsolutions.com, by AAJ Web Solutions, its affiliates, members, and contributors, throughout the world. The Site is the whole and sole asset of AAJ Web Solutions.


AAJ Web Solutions restricts at its private discretion the right, to amend, alter, add and delete all or portions of the Site Ownership and Terms of Use, at all times. It is the entire responsibility of the website user, to check the Site Ownership and Terms of Use periodically for any alterations and modifications. Provided that you follow and conform to the Site Ownership and Terms of Use, AAJ Web Solutions allows you an inclusive, set, personal, and a partial advantage to enter and use our website: www.aajwebsolutions.com.

Acquirements of Services and Products
The obligations of AAJ Web Solutions, if any, regarding its services and products are controlled over exclusively by the means they are being granted and the agreements practiced; and the modifications in agreements shall not limited to the edifice on this website. The prices applicable on the services and products offered on the website may witness transformation or any kind of modifications, at any time, without any prior notice, by AAJ Web Solutions. The resources used to generate the services and products listed and offered on the website: http://www.aajwebsolutions.com/, may be outmoded, and AAJ Web Solutions takes no obligations to alter or update the resources of these services and products.

Website Content
The collective website content of www.aajwebsolutions.com and all its associated websites and page links including but not limited to all trademarks, appearance, logos, design, graphics, text, artwork, photographs, sounds, music, concerto, dexterity, look & feel, collection, computer code and displaying of all content, are controlled and licensed by AAJ Web Solutions, and is protected by copyright, patent and trademark laws, and several supplementary balanced property rights and unjust and unwarranted rivalry laws.

None of the included elements of this website, but not limited to the Content may be uploaded, clichéd, replicated, redistributed, displayed in public, prearranged, decoded, placed, or broadcasted in any manner to other websites, tablets, servers, mobile phone devices, computers, and any other standard for allocation or booklet, either for money-making business or personal usage; you may need a prior written approval of AAJ Web Solutions to do so.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy developed by AAJ Web Solutions applies to the complete using methodology of this website; thereby, the Privacy Policy is made as a division of the Site Ownership and Terms of Use. To view, in details the entire www.aajwebsolutions.com Privacy Policy, please click here.

Pages Linked to Other Websites and Partner Websites
www.aajwebsolutions.com reserves the rights of appealing links of various accompanying self-governing websites for third-party use. These facilities of supplementary links are solely provided as a handiness standard for our clientele database and visitors. These links are not controlled by AAJ Web Solutions or its websites, and do not stand answerable for the content that is made available on these links, which includes, but is not limited to content, videos or any other material available. The total responsibility lies on the visitor to ensure and judge whether or not to interrelate with these links.

Website Disclaimers
AAJ Web Solutions does not assure that the services, products and any other information controlled on the website: www.aajwebsolutions.com is completely error-free, incessant, or that the defects noticed shall be properly checked, or that the use of this website shall provide definite and specific results. The total responsibility of using this website, the listed services and products, and any other linked sites absolutely lies on the users. If you are dissatisfied with this website, its listed services and products or the website content, or any other material visible or invisible on the site, then the only alleviation against this website shall be to stop using this website, its services and products, and any other material on an immediate basis.

Violation and Liabilities
By using our services and products, we as the site owners assume that the visitors and consumers have agreed upon the Site Ownership and Terms of Use; thereby AAJ Web Solutions possesses the rights to divulge the users entire or any portions of information that we have collected (inclusive of your identity) in case if the disclosure is significant in relation with any investigation or complaint that is made about your making use of this website: www.aajwebsolutions.com, or its services and products, either be it unintentionally or intentionally.

AAJ Web Solutions and its owners also reserves the rights, at all times, to reveal all or any part of the information that is required to meet the terms with applicable law and system, legal procedure, and governmental request; it also reserves the authority to unveil your information to exchange data with other organizations and enterprises for keeping a check on fraud protection.

If AAJ Web Solutions takes any legal action against you due to the violation of the listed Site Ownership and Terms of Use, then AAJ Web Solutions will be permitted to recuperate from you – the violator, and you be in the agreement to pay, all realistic attorneys’ costs and fees for these actions, in accumulation to any other release contracted to AAJ Web Solutions. You as a violator of the Site Ownership and Terms of Use also agree that AAJ Web Solutions will not be liable to you or to any third-party for annihilation and discontinuation of your website: www.aajwebsolutions.com access.

Feedback and Information
The feedback that you have provided to this website shall be considered among the non-confidential data or information of the website; and by agreeing to the Site Ownership and Terms of Use, you allow AAJ Web Solutions to freely make use of all or part of the information unrestrictedly, and sometimes even publically.

The information provided on website: www.aajwebsolutions.com, is subject to change without any prior notice.

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