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Real-time System Solutions

The driving force lying in the core of smart products and services today is the SOFTWARE. Development of software in almost anything and everything enables innovation and flexibility that is required to achieve success in the high-end, competitive marketplace today.

AAJWebSolutions.com has been providing top quality real-time systems services and software consulting to commercial clients throughout India and the rest of the world. We possess expertise in developing, designing and testing real-time systems, and are backed up by over a decade of experience in real time OSs. We take pride in providing embedded systems programming and software consulting services to pledge a well-documented, well-tested software system that goes beyond every expectation of our clients.

Our Services

We provide unrivalled dedication to eminence, and is engrained all the way through the firm. We have extensive experience in developing real-time boot-loaders, OS kernels, and hardware testing codes since last decade. We promise to deliver only the top-quality embedded software like device drivers; protocol stacks; embedded system middleware; board support packages and other absolute real-time systems.

We specialize in delivering trusted boot loaders, BIOS and driver solutions embedded with latest operating systems including WindRiver: VxWorks™; Embedded Linux; Mentor Graphics: Nucleus™; Microsoft Win32 and .NET™; Microsoft Windows CE™; Windows Mobile™; QNX: Neutrino™; Lynuxworks: LynxOS™; GreenHills: Integrity™; Express Logic: ThreadX™; and Bespoke Oss. We seamlessly handle all aspects of hardware-dependent software, freeing customers to focus critical in-house resources on application-layer code that is their core value add.

Why should you choose us?

AAJWebSolutions.com helps all its clients – small or large, to address various challenges associated with real-time systems and embedded software development. We will provide a multi functional software development approach along with cross lifecycle system built around the collaborations. We possess expertise in delivering high-end software with customized, correct functionality that is required by our clients.

We can assist you in adopting agile performance to accelerate software development and optimize the overall development expense; we can also help you develop software that can help you differentiate your products and services. Click here, to talk to our representatives about our real-time system solutions.